Llanelli Community Partnership

Llanelli Community Partnership consists of members, volunteers and stakeholders from the communities within 5 Electoral wards in Llanelli: Bigyn, Elli, Glanymor, Lliedi and Tyisha.

The total population for the Llanelli Community Partnership is 43,878 covering the ward areas of Llanelli Town Council and Rural Councils. The population of Llanelli Town Council is 25,168 (Ward Profiles 2019).

Llanelli Town Council supports the Partnership to bring together community groups/organisations and individuals with aim of supporting community led action. "The Llanelli We Want" mirrors the National Conversation in Wales "The Wales We Want".

The Partnership Chair is Paolo Piana and can be contacted on pianapaolo@hotmail.com

The Partnership holds open meetings every 3 months at various locations in Llanelli, however due to COVID-19 the Partnership has not met publically.

For more details please call Llanelli Town Council's Community Development Officer Delyth on 01554 774352 or by e-mail del@llanellitowncouncil.gov.uk or follow us on Facebook!