Llanelli Town Council is continuing to negotiate the transfer of five sites, Crown Park, Havelock Park, Parc y Dre, Penyfan Park and Penygaer Playing Fields from Carmarthenshire County Council under their Asset Transfer Programme. 

The Town Council, whilst keen to complete the transfer of all sites by the deadline date of 31st March 2017, has strived to ensure that each site comes into Town Council ownership in the best condition possible. 

To this end the Town Council has inspected each site and produced a schedule of works, together with a tree survey, therefore, recognising the agreed condition of the properties at the time of transfer. This would have the effect of limiting the Town Council’s liability in respect of the condition of the buildings at the end of the leases. 

An earlier offer for the Town Council to carry out these works as part of an overall contract to improve the assets has now been agreed and the works that were the responsibility of the County Council will be costed by their maintenance department and upon agreement the County Council will allocate a budget for meeting those costs on completion by the Town Council. 

If Asset Transfer had taken place on 1st April 2017 the Town Council would have been responsible for the grounds maintenance at each site, including football and rugby pitch maintenance and bowling green maintenance.  The Town Council is currently meeting those costs through its own budget.   

There are legal issues slowing the process of asset transfer at all sites and the current position in respect of the each site is noted below.  

Crown Park 

There are a number of different titles in existence at Crown Park which are causing complications in respect of the lease. 

(Town Mayor (Cllr. Jeff Edmunds) with representative of Seaside AFC (Darren Evans))

Penyfan Park 

Penyfan Park is a Field in Trust which requires a Deed of Covenant to be entered into with the Town Council agreeing that Penyfan Park would continue to be used for recreational purposes. While this causes no difficulty to the Town Council, there are legal steps to undertake that will result in a hopefully short delay. 

(The Town Mayor (Cllr. Jeff Edmunds), Deputy Town Mayor (Cllr. Louvain Roberts) with representative of Penyfan United AFC (Neil O'Brien)   

Havelock Park 

The County Council has found that they do not have Title to the land and an application has been made to the Land Registry.  The land is still in the name of the Crown and a surveyor inspection has been carried out at the request of the Crown Representative.

(The Town Mayor (Cllr. Jeff Edmunds), Deputy Town Mayor (Cllr. Louvain Roberts) with representatives of Havelock Bowls Association)

Parc y Dre 

The draft lease for Parc y Dre is progressing.

 (The Town Mayor (Cllr. Jeff Edmunds), Deputy Town Mayor (Cllr. Louvain Roberts) with representatives of Parc y Dre Bowls Association)

(The Town Mayor (Cllr. Jeff Edmunds), Deputy Town Mayor (Cllr. Louvain Roberts) with representative of The Wanderers RFC (Neil Lodwick))


The County Council’s decision to delay the asset transfer of Penygaer Playing Fields until the public inquiry into the Village Green application in respect of Llanerch Playing Fields has been dealt with was a surprise as far as the Town Council was concerned. 

(The Town Mayor (Cllr. Jeff Edmunds), Deputy Town Mayor (Cllr. Louvain Roberts) with representatives of Penygaer Management Committee)

However, the Town Council will continue to be responsible for grounds maintenance i.e. football and rugby pitch maintenance including pitch marking and grass cutting, whilst the County Council will resume responsibility for the two changing rooms.  The County Council will re-imburse the Town Council for the services we provide which will be deducted from the maintenance grant again as if the asset transfer had been completed on 1st April 2017. 

During the period since the Town Council has been involved at Penygaer agreement has been reached regarding the provision of roller shutter doors to replace the two changing room entrance gates. These improvements were at the request of the users represented by the Penygaer Management Committee.  The County Council will proceed with these doors with cost being deducted from the Town Council’s £10,000 improvement grant. 

Llanelli Town Council has since 1st April carried out bowling green maintenance, since 1st June 2017 provided pitch maintenance and since the Easter school holidays provided the splash pad costs and paddling pool costs during the summer period.  The Town Council will continue to carry out its activities as though Asset Transfer had been completed but keenly awaits to the completion of the asset transfer leases.